~~MiMi Paris~~

...making the present perfect...

You may find following my blogs fascinating.


Or if you love to watch a garden grow....


You may cry. You WILL laugh. Moreover, you will feel and be inspired. 

Great for a holiday gift...or better yet...an any day gift!

(By the way, you do NOT need a paypal account. You can use any card you choose.)
One passion of mine is to help others enjoy life more, to get more out of life, to struggle less and love more.
A way to do this is to bring passion to you through experiences.  Experiences have always been more important to me than "stuff."  Stuff is just that....stuff.

Richness measured in stuff...isn't.

If you truly want to be rich, engage in life...in the little things...every day.

~~Tigger, the feline love of my life.

~~Tater, the spud stud.

~~Love doves.

~~Cactus that only blooms one day each year. 

~~A hummingbird, so tiny, yet way bigger than life.

~~Firesticks "ablaze" in the autumn.

~~Smoky Bear and Tigger Too...loveable furballs.

This interactive site serves as a reservoir of experiences: yours, mine and ours.

Use it for ideas to create your own experiences.
Be happily selfish!

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